Pumpkin Patch Outfit

Hey guys! As y’all probably know, I am obsessed with fall. Everyone is, but I don’t blame them-it’s the best time of year! I cannot wait into fall is full swing, complete with red leaves and crisp mornings. But for now, the pumpkin spiced lattes and the promise of fall events will suffice. While I wait for true autumn to arrive, I have been decorating my room for fall with pumpkins and DIYed leaves. The best(and honestly the cheapest) pumpkins come straight from the orchard, and how could I go pumpkin picking without writing a blog post about it? Two of my good friends came with me to try caramel apples, fawn over the vibrant colors, and discuss the best apples for pies.






The face when your pumpkin is the best and you know it 🙂


I had so much fun styling this outfit, even though it was not appropriate for the weather( it was 79 degrees.) Also, if you live in the Indianapolis area, Maria take the best photos. She is super sweet and a lot of photos on my blog are from her, this is her instagram.

Hat(not available online)// Top//Jeans// Booties// Necklace(very similar)

Pumpkin Creds ;-)// http://pleasantvieworchardin.com/index.php



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Chicago Travel Journal

Hi friends! As y’all may have seen on my instagram, I went to Chicago this weekend! It was exciting to go just over the weekend and it put me in a really good mood for the rest of my week. I was inspired by Meg’s blog post on her vacation to Chicago 🙂 We spent all day in Chicago on Sunday, which was really nice!

The main reason that we went to Chicago was so that I could go to the Art Institute of Chicago(read about ARTIC and my favorite places in Chicago in my post here!) There was an exhibit on American Art that closed that day, so I was super lucky to see it on the last day that it was there! Obviously, this meant that it was even more crowded then usual, but I got there right when it opened and beat most of the crowds. Another reason that I went to the Art Institute was to see the Jacques-Louis David painting on Napoleon, which is on view until October!

When I was at the Art Institute, I went to the coolest little café on the second floor of the Modern Wing and it was GOREGOUS. I have been to the Art Institute probably more than 10 times in my life and this was the third time I had been in the Modern Wing, so I never truly appreciate how pretty it is. I didn’t go inside many galleries in the Modern Wing, but the architecture is so light and the incorporation of glass is really beautiful. Anyways, the location of the café is so great because it is on a balcony that looks out onto the first floor.


I took some notes the art that I saw in this cute Rifle Paper Co. notebook. Side Note: How cute is this travel journal? I want to get it so I can write about my little adventure to Colorado next month!

After my magical experience at the Art Institute, we started walking towards Water Tower Place. On our way we passed Dylan’s Candy Bar! Unfortunately, no candy for us… but there was a puppy adoption event going on. We obviously couldn’t get one, as my puppy would be heartbroken… but they were so adorable! Look at this beagle puppy named Lauren!


After fawning over puppies for about 10 minutes, we kept walking and got to Water Tower. We ate lunch at the most AMAZING place. Foodlife carries different foods from over 30 different local restaurants.


After some shopping, we headed home! Our trip was really short but I am so glad we went and can’t wait to go back!


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Fall Bucket List

Hi friends. I hope y’all are as excited for fall as I am! I feel like there are two different people when it comes to fall: the person who is hopelessly holding onto the last few days of summer, and the people who pulled out their oversized sweaters and pumpkins right on September 1st(I am the latter.) Anyways, I got a request to do a fall bucket list and even though every lifestyle blogger does one, I still LOVE reading them and seeing how they differ, depending on the personality of the blogger and where they live.

Bucket List for Fall

  1. Go apple and pumpkin picking( super basic but its not fall if you didn’t do it)
  2. Try a new kind of tea and become obsessed
  3. Decorate my room for fall inexpensively by DIYing almost everything
  4. Spend the day baking fall pastries and bring some to the fire station by my house
  5. Go to the Indianapolis Zoo ‘Zoo Boo’ Event!
  6. Have a fall-themed photo shoot with my friends
  7. Find the best-scented candles at Bath and Body Works
  8. Stock up on flannels and sweatshirts at Goodwill
  9. Find a new book series and read all of them
  10. Go on a fall hike when the leaves are changing colors
  11. Pick sunflowers!
  12. Knit something for charity
  13. Watch all the Harry Potter movies at once
  14. Attend an outdoor yoga or meditation class
  15. Volunteer at an outdoor event

Are you guys excited for fall? What’s on your bucket list? Tell me about it in the comments or on my latest instagram picture!

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Burgundy and Stripes: My Fall Go-To

Hey guys,

As you can probably tell by my past outfit posts, my favorite combination of patterns and colors to wear is burgundy and stripes. I will have a more detailed post on this later in the week, but I am trying to start wearing different colors and patterns for fall-so that not everything that I am buying looks the same! For example, I have been loving dusty rose and army green lately for fall. The dusty rose is such an interesting color and looks amazing with rose gold and the army green can look so chic, especially when paired with black leather.But I will be sticking to my typical stripes, burgundy, and gold accessories fall uniform… for now.



I think it is so funny that the stripes are so small that they look like an optical illusion in some of the pictures!


I am so blessed with my friend Maria’s photography skills! Here is her instagram(it is so pretty!)



Let’s also talk about this purse. It was $7 at HandM! For better pictures, check out my instagram.




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Styling: Adidas Color Shift Sneakers

Today I am showing you guys an outfit with one of my favorite items from the Nordstrom sale! These Adidas Color Shift sneakers are actually from the kids department but they run so big that I wear a size 6 in women’s shoes and these are a size 2 in boy’s and they fit! I love this look because the black and white look polished but the pop of color in the skirt keeps it from being too boring. Because I wanted to let the skirt be the main piece, I wore simple jewelry.



I love this gray pom-pom but it isn’t available on the discovery website! I will link some similar options below!

Thanks for reading!

Shirt//Skirt(vintage, sorry!)//Adidas shoes//Purse//Pom-Pom(similar)


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