Downtown Photoshoot

Hi friends! It has been sooooooo long since I have been able to sit down and write a post, as you probably know, I have been traveling a lot, as well as going through midterms. Right now, my high school swimming season has just started, so that will be another thing that keeps me busy until February. Hopefully I will still be able to post once a week, but as you can see, I have gotten a little behind. I wanted to share with the photos from my downtown photography shoot with one of my friends!  She took pictures of me at a gorgeous fountain in downtown Indy and I love the way that they turned out.

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I will be posting lots of these photos on instagram and I will tag the photographer so that you can contact her if you want photos!



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Colorado Recap

Hi friends! As y’all know, I have been in Colorado for the last two days, but now it’s time for me to go home to Indy. It has been such an amazing and beautiful trip, but I miss my friends(and let’s be real… my dog) so I am excited to go home. I hopefully can come back to Denver in the future to visit family and see more places!

Celestial Seasonings

This was one of my favorite parts of our trips. If you are a tea fanatic like me(or have ever been to a grocery store…), I’m sure you have heard of Celestial Seasonings, the company that makes Celestial Tea. They are well known for their Sleepythyme tea, as well as their mint tea. They serve 1.6 billion cups of tea a year! How crazy is that? Celestial Seasonings produces all their tea in one factory in Boulder,CO and they offer free factory tours. I was so impressed by the factory tour, it was way more educational and interactive then other factory tours. You can sample ANY of the teas that are currently in stores, and we even got to try some of the holiday teas that aren’t yet in stores(pssst! Try the gingerbread!) I wish I could show you pictures of the tour, but there was a strict “no pictures” policy. One of my favorite parts of the tour is the Mint Room. It’s a room in the factory where they store all of the mint and some rosemary tea. Anyways, I highly recommend the tour, as it is super interesting and totally free.






I tried 3 different teas: Fireside Vanilla Spice, Gingerbread, and the Wild Berry Zinger.


After the tea tour, we went to Boulder, which is where the University of Colorado is. The town was so cute and the buildings were gorgeous. I can’t even imagine going to college somewhere that pretty. It was actually homecoming for them this weekend, so they had a variety of events going on.






I went to the CUTEST coffee shop EVER in Boulder. It’s called Boxcar Coffee Roaster and it was amazing. I had this amazing vanilla latte. The vibe is super upbeat and friendly, I would highly recommend visiting if you are in the area.

Union Station

The next morning, we went to Union Station, which is this beautiful train station that has been running since 1881! This weekend was the second to last weekend that they had an outdoor farmers market. I love going to farmers markets in the Spring and Fall, it’s so nice to get fresh fruit, flowers, or goods from local shops. Inside of Union Station is this little coffee shop that my Aunt said was really yummy-and she was right. If you want to check it out click here.





The Wedding ūüôā

On Saturday night, we had the event that we came to Colorado for-the wedding! The wedding took place at this Brewery which I thought was super cool. It was at night and we got to see the sunset outside where the ceremony was, which was perfect. We had amazing weather too, which made things even better. One of the most unique things about the wedding was that we got to get food from this Hawaiian food truck that was parked outside. The food was really amazing and the cake had three really unique and delicious flavors.






Isn’t this a cute idea?

Thanks for reading about my weekend adventure to Colorado, I hope you enjoyed it!







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What I’m bringing on my carry on:Colorado

Hi friends. Tonight I am getting ready for my trip to Colorado! I leave tomorrow super early in the morning, that way we will have all day there. I will be there all day Friday, Saturday, and then we leave super early on Sunday morning! Really short trip, but it is for a family wedding and we have a lot of fun things that I can’t wait to show you guys. Make sure that you are following me on Instagram so that you can view my story and everything from my fun adventures! For now I am going to show you everything that I am bringing on my carry on.


The bag that I am using for my trip is this black leather tote bag. I absolutely love how big it is and high-quality the leather is( it was damaged merchandise and I found it at the Gap outlet marked down to $17.99!) I brought this blacker scarf with me because I can use it as a blanket during the flight and I’m sure I will wear it in Colorado, as it starts to get colder there.


I packed 2 books for my trip,¬†this one I just started.¬†I also brought some study guides to work on for school. I have only recently started my midterms, and I’m not yet on fall break til next week. If you read my last post on 5 ways to relieve stress, you would know that I have semi-recently started knitting. This is a really small project, it’s a scarf for my sister’s American Girl doll(shhhh, don’t tell her!) The little case in the corner is a little pouch to put your ear buds in so that they don’t get tangled.

The Book that Proves Time Travel Happens

Ear Bud Pouch( I cannot find the case anymore, but this is the same design and idea)


This is a page from a coloring book that I started with pictures from New York. I take it anywhere when I need something to do and I don’t want to carry around a book.


I put everything that could potentially be bad if they broke and spilled(like the pen ink or lotion) into his bag. I can’t find this bag online but Vera Bradley has ones that are very similar in size and come in a variety of colors and patterns. I have a pen, pencil, highlighter(it’s shaped like a nail polish bottle!), and mini post-it notes for the homework I need to do. I feel like airplanes are a little germy so I always have a tiny bottle of hand-sanitizer. My hands and lips get really dry during flights so I have a small jar of Vaseline and a bottle of lotion. The weather is looking both warm and cool in Colorado so I decided to bring a pair of sunglasses just in case it was sunny. They are my favorite sunnies because they add a chic vibe to any outfit. You can get 20% off your entire order if you use my code Minnie20!


I brought my water bottle in case I have the sudden urge to drink water, which I highly doubt because I basically live off of coffee. LOL. But really, so true.

Water bottle(similar linked)


I bring this little notebook from Rifle Paper Co. Basically everywhere I go. I have lists in it, so it’s especially important when I am on trips. This sounds crazy, but my absolute favorite tea ever is this tea from Yogi and I ALWAYS have a bag of it with me. I have some in my school bag, purse, and when I travel. I highly recommend trying it. It is caffeinated and it’s supposed to “elevate your mood.”


I hope y’all enjoyed my post what I am bringing on my carry on. See you soon with posts from my adventure.





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5 ways to relieve stress

Hi friends! I am so close to fall break but it seems super far away because I have just started benchmarks, which is our school’s version of a midterm. I recently read a blog post about ways to relieve stress during finals week, or just in general, so I thought that I would share some of my favorite ways to relax and de-stress.

1.Go Outside

One of my favorite ways to relax is to do something outside. Sometimes I go and take photos of the area where I live or go on a run, but I usually walk my dog. He is a puppy Chihuahua named Chipper(after Chipper Jones, because my family is obsessed with the Atlanta Braves!) Now is such a great time to go outside because you can enjoy the fall scenery! Last week my sister and I went on a walk and collected some fall leaves.


Gorgeous fall leaves!


It’s Chipper!

2. Knitting

I know that this makes me sound like a total grandma, but knitting is actually really relaxing. At night, I will night while watching YouTube or Netflix and it is really therapeutic. Once you get the hang of it, it is very easy to do, and you can learn just by going on YouTube and watching different tutorials. I also have a knitting board on my Pinterest account if you want to check out some cute patterns.


3. Pamper yourself

It’s important to treat yourself, especially when you have been working hard. One of my favorite ways to pamper myself is to do a face mask and a little at-home manicure. If I have been to Lush recently, then I use a bubble bar or a bath bomb because those are the coolest. My favorite is the experimenter because it seems to have every color!



4. Essential Oils

I love using essential oils because of how they can affect your mood. My favorites are lavender, which are great for relaxing you and I like the mint ones to wear during the day. You can find a sample set of them at TJ Max here.


5. Coloring

The trend of adult coloring books really became popular this year, although they have been in stores for a while now. You can get so many different  types now, there are ones with fairytale, flowers and cities. I usually like to color them with sharpie, but sometimes the pages are too thin. My favorite book is this one about New York.







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Affordable Dresses for Prom and Hoco

Hi friends!

Today I wanted to do a post on 10 dresses under $150 that you can wear to homecoming or prom. I saw a post like this on Meg’s blog¬†and thought it would be super cool to do one similar to it, but with more affordable options! I will also link a few accessories and shoes that would go perfectly with these dresses that are also inexpensive.

  1. Dry Goods-$66


I love how simple the style of this dress is so that the pattern can really shine! I would pair this with understated accessories and jewelry.

2. Nordstrom-$98


I bet y’all can tell that I really like the simple style that is totally blinged out with glitter.

3. Forever 21-$12.90(!)

Crushed Velvet Swing Dress

This edgy dress is so inexpensive! Velvet is a big trends this fall because it ties into the Victorian trend, which has been seen on almost every runway. For a sweet boho look, pair with suede booties and a flower hair accessory. For a more edgy vibe, wear with heeled booties, gold accessories, and major attitude.

4.Urban Outfitters-$59


This dress is so unique and chic. I am obsessed with the neckline and it would look amazing with a long turquoise necklace.



So if we are being totally candid, I have actually never bought anything from Zara. One of my favorite bloggers can always find something super trendy and cheap there but I most everything that I find isn’t wearable. But when I saw this dress I was forced to reconsider-especially because it has such a nice price tag! This color is radiant and would look great with a leather jacket.


Bonus! Shoes!



These glittery booties seem crazy at first but they would be the perfect piece to wear with a LBD and would make a basic graphic tee and distressed jeans so chic.

2. ASOS-$48


These shiny heels are the perfect not-so-boring basic for your look.

I hope that this post has been helpful!








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Happy October+ Outfit

Hi friends! I am so excited that it is October. I feel like my entire closet has transformed from romper and sandals to chunky sweaters and boots in a matter of weeks( but I’m not complaining.) I went pumpkin picking AGAIN today and my windowsill has 7 pumpkins on it! I am a just a litttttttle obsessed with fall. A trend that I have seen really emerge for fall are blacker scarves. Obviously, scarves are going to always be trendy for fall, but I am happy to see that people everywhere are wearing blacker scarves in every color of the rainbow. Some of my favorites are the ones from Ily Mix, because they have the largest selection of colors.




I somehow am never able to leave the Pumpkin Patch with any less than 4 pumpkins…



I love the tiny pumpkins! I have so many in my room right now!

Denim Shirt//Earrings//Sweater(similar)//Jeans//Boots(similar)


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Loving it: September 2016

Hey guys! I am going to start a new series on the blog where at the end(ish) of each month, I write about my favorite things from that month and why I liked them! September seemed like a great time to start because we are just starting to have our crisp, falls days!

1.John Knowles

Just this month, I had to pick a classical book to read for school from a list. As I was scanning through the list, researching them, and trying to decipher which would be the best for me, A Separate Peace by John Knowles stood out. It sounded really similar to another book that I read last year: Catcher in the Rye. I picked A Separate Peace up from Half Price books that night and started reading it. The book is about two friends who are essentially opposites at a prep school during World War 2. I was surprised at how much I liked the book because I am typically not a fan of books that I have to read for school. Since then I have purchased two more how his books and I highly recommend reading A Separate Peace(also read Peace Breaks Out)

2.Fall DIY Decor

On September 1st, it seemed as if a blanket of gorgeous, colorful leaves had fallen over my Pinterest feed… and I did not object. Now, my feed is fully coated in fall photos-from artsy latte shots that¬†I have seen re-created a million times(but still love to make and look at my self) to the ever-so-fall pumpkin patch photo shoot. Inspired to make everything I currently own fall-themed, I scoured Pinterest for cute d√©cor ideas. Although everything I found was gorgeous, they all required too much of a time commitment or¬†too much money(in most cases, both.) I found easy and cheap crafts and DIYs that used supplies from Dollar Tree(I know, it’s crazy!) to make beautiful fall centerpieces, garlands, and vases. I became a little obsessed and re-pinned a lot of them… so y’all should check them out on my Pinterest!

3. Knitting

This month I joined my school’s knitting club and I have not been able to stop knitting! I know that I sound like a grandma but it is so relaxing AND it’s cool to see what you have made after you have knitted it. I think that fall is an especially good time to take up knitting because you can start knitting scarves for fall and winter!

4. Tumblr

Lastly, I have been using my Tumblr account more than usual this month. I hadn’t gotten on in a while but I saw a YouTuber talking about all of the nice fall photos so I went to go check it out. I got some really good photo inspiration from looking through all of the cozy pictures.


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