Beach Outfit Inspiration

Hi guys! Today I am going to be showing you some of my favorite outfits that I have seen on Pinterest for the summer. I know that sounds crazy because it is nearly December, but I am going to Florida for Christmas and so I was looking for some outfit inspo. I noticed that most of the outfits I was pinning are ones that have a pretty muted color palette, and if they do have any bright colors, they are usually an accessory- like the shoes or the bag. The outfits usually have basic main pieces that are solid colored, or have a small pattern on them- and are accessorized by dainty jewelry, a big hat, structured shoes, or a colorful bag.

I recently was at one of my favorite stores, Old Navy, and I found a pair of block heel sandals for less than two dollars! Needless to say, I bought them in two colors, and my mom bought a pair as well. I can’t wait to style these gorgeous shoes over Christmas Break.


I love how this blogger wore striped shorts instead of plain black ones to style her outfit.


Oh my goodness. I fell in love with this outfit the minute I saw it. It is so interesting, yet all of the pieces are probably ones you have in your closet.


I cannot wait to recreate this look. The denim jacket makes a basic striped dress look so chic.


This is the perfect outfit for a chilly summer day, that is a lot cuter then jeans and sweatpants. I love how the blogger cuffed her joggers to show off the cute Birkenstocks(on another note, I used to think Birks were super ugly, and now I am obsessed with the chic white ones!)


I don’t love this whole outfit, but I really like the idea of a denim skirt paired with a black tee, a dainty necklace, and statement shoes.


Love how this maxi skirt was styled!


Lastly, my favorite YouTuber, Danielle Marie! I love the spin that she put on this outfit by wearing white denim shorts instead of blue ones.

Hope you all enjoyed these summer outfits, be sure to tell me if you use any for inspiration. Finally, all credits go to the owners of these photos, you can find the original source of these photos on my Pinterest board, summer.




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5 Favorite Christmas Events in Indy

Hi friends. Not to brag or anything, but us Hoosiers are pretty festive, and I’m not complaining. Who can deny that the Christmas season is the best of all-from snow days to Christmas décor. Luckily, Indy has lots of events and activities to fulfill your need for Christmas fun! These are some activities around Indy that my family loves to visit every year.

1.Reynolds Lights

This is one of my favorite Christmas activities and this year we are actually going to bring my puppy so I am super excited for that. Reynolds sells farming equipment and every year they set up this GIGANTIC lights display. It’s totally free( but they accept donations of canned food for local shelters so be sure to bring a few!) and you just drive through the light show in your car. My whole family bundles up with blankets and hot cocoa to look at the beautiful lights.

2.Monument Circle Tree Lighting

In the heart of downtown Indy during the holiday season is a 242 feet Christmas tree that lights up the whole city at night. The night that the tree is lit is filled with excitement, fireworks, and anticipation for the rest of the season. It is really fun to go and walk around the city at night even after the tree lighting to relive the excitement.

3.Christmas at the Zoo

The Indianapolis Zoo boasts lots of summer animals during the warm weather such as flamingos, lions, and a read panda. But when the winter season comes, visitors are limited to the indoor animals like the dolphins and penguins. One of the biggest events of the year at the Zoo is Christmas at the Zoo, visitors can get holiday treats, meet Santa, and participate in a variety of arts and crafts. This is a great activity to do with your younger family members who might be in town for the holidays. 🙂

4. Festival of Trees at the Indianapolis Historical Society

This is SUCH a fun event to visit. First of all, the Historical Society is gorgeous and has amazing exhibits year round, so be sure to check it out if you are visiting our beautiful city. I love visiting this unique festival because it is supported by Indy businesses which I love. The trees are placed throughout the entire building so you get to walk around and look at other parts of the museum.

5. Jingle Rails

This is a particular favorite of my younger cousins and it’s a very unique event. The Eiteljorg museum puts on an event where they set up different kinds of trains. It is a little hard to explain but it’s another unique event at one of Indy’s best museums.

I look forward to writing more Christmas blog posts as the holiday draws closer. Happy Holidays!



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Fall Hike

cute brandy melville hatHi friends! I hope that you are having a wonderful Sunday afternoon. Sunday’s are one of my favorite days of the week-filled with coffee, relaxing, and usually going on a walk with my family. Today we went a short hike at a state park by our house. It was great to enjoy the fall leaves in a new setting. I thought that I would share a few pictures, as it may be one of the last hikes of the year, because of the cold weather!

loved wearing this cute hat today

fall leaves


so blue!

3 cheers for hiking outfits!


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All the Plaid

Hi friends! This is my first blog post to y’all since Halloween, and for me, the end of Halloween symbolizes the Christmas season is coming! Yes, yes, we still have Thanksgiving, but how can one not be enticed by the Starbucks Christmas drinks(what are your thoughts on the green Starbucks cups this year? Comment down below!) and the Christmas holiday sales! I for one, am already starting to decorate for Christmas. In fact, today my family and I started taking out our Christmas decorations, as we are very precise in where we place each piece, and usually theme our rooms.

Today(Friday), I didn’t have school and we were running some errands, which included stopping by a vintage Christmas pop-up store! It was in a cute white barn, and the Christmas candles, holiday music, and festive red-and-green vibes really put me in a good mood.






I decided to wear put a extra-festive(lol) spin on my outfit today by wearing two totally different plaid patterns! I used to hate plaid because I have to wear it for my school uniform, but I have come to appreciate how classy it can make an outfit look. By pairing the plaid items with structured neutrals, the plaids in no way overwhelmed the look, but in juxtapose, draws attention to them. I hope that you incorporate plaid pieces into your holiday looks, and maybe even try two at a time. 😉

Sunglasses(similar)//Scarf(similar)// Shirt//Leggings//Shoes(Similar)






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