20 things that make me oh so happy

Hi friends! I am blogging to you on New Year’s Eve and thought that it would be a great day to post my 20 things that make me oh so happy post. I was tagged to do this by one of my FAVORITE bloggers, Anne, whose blog I have been reading since before I even decided to start my own blog. I had lots of fun writing this, and thinking about my favorite things has really been great and will help me start off the year on a positive note!

1.Discovering new museums or visiting some of my favorites

NSU Art Museum(left)

The Art Institute of Chicago(right)

2.Photo shoots with my friends

3.Swim meets where I get to cheer on my school 🙂

4.My Chihuahua, Chipper


I’m sure that y’all already know by now that I am very, very, very obsessed with Chicago.Lol. Also, my mom took this photo earlier this year and I have it printed out by my desk… isn’t it gorgeous?

6.Coffee shops


I think everyone agrees that coffee shops are where the most work gets done 😉

7.Pretty Stationary

I’m lookin’ at you Rifle Paper Co.

8.When you finally get a book from the library that you have been waiting weeks to get


10.Grocery Stores that have EVERYTHING

I understand that this is a weird one… but this store has a brunch restaurant and a blow out bar within the store!

11.Christmastime in the city

Not gonna lie to myself…I totally mean Chicago and only Chicago when I say ‘the city.’

12.Sitting in bed with my fairy lights on, watching Netflix or browsing Pinterest

13.Fresh flowers

My favorites are peonies(the state flower of Indiana-woot woot!), lilies, and sunflowers.

14.Adventures of any size

15.Finding really cute clothes at goodwill or a thrift store that are super cheap

16.My favorite book, A Separate Peace

I read a lot of books, so for me to say that it’s my favorite is crazy 😉 so glad that I read it this year.


Cookies, cupcakes, cakes… anything that is sweet.

18.Nature hikes

19.Bodies of water

Pools, the ocean… mostly the ocean 😉

20.Lazy mornings with coffee and donuts

Thank you so much for reading! Can’t wait to see what 2017 has to hold for Inthelifeofminnie.









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3 Tips for Layering in Cold Weather

Hi friends! Today I will be sharing with you some ways to stay warm by layering without sacrificing your style. I find that as the winter gets colder and more severe, I tend to just throw on sweatpants and uggs and call it a day. While that perfectly fine for me on some days, I usually work better when I like what I am wearing.

1.Pom-Pom hats

Although these hats have been popular in the past, these cute beanies seemed to have found a definite place in winter trends this year. Not a day goes by where I don’t scroll through my instagram to see some polished blogger wearing one of these knitted hats with a fur pom-pom, holding a Starbucks, and likely holding a Chanel bag. They really elevate your look. Here are some of my favorites.

Forever 21 (pssst! This one is on sale!)


2.Tall boots

A trend that started last year and is only continuing to grow are tall, specifically over-the-knee boots. I think I am a little to short to pull them off, but they can make an outfit look really chic. I have also seen some people wear tall Ugg boots and make them look very cute. Paired with adorable boot socks, these are great to wear in the snow.


Forever 21

3. Puffer Vests

Puffer vests have been an obsession of mine this winter. Somehow I acquired 3 of them… how did that happen? Anyways, they are perfect to pair with a flannel, a sweater, or a long sleeved shirt for the warmer days, and on cold days you can wear a flannel, sweater, thin vest and a jacket which will keep you supper warm. One of my favorites is the J.Crew herringbone vest, which I recently purchased and have had lots of fun styling.

Thanks for reading- Happy Holidays!






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3 Tips for Studying for Finals

Hi friends! I hope you are a having a relaxing Sunday! Although my Sunday has been productive, I wouldn’t say that it is relaxing. As Winter Break quickly approaches, so does Final Exams. I had a few requests to write a post on how to study for, prepare, and just generally not stress over finals.

1. Plan out what you will need to study

One of the hardest parts about studying for big tests, especially finals, is that you are sometimes missing notes, worksheets, or handouts that you need to study. The best way to avoid this is to look at your study guide and go through homework, notes, and worksheets, so that you will have all the materials you need to study. I will write down all of the materials I need and check off if I have them. If I don’t, then I need to check on my school’s website, ask a friend, email the teacher, or ask the teacher during class. Here is an example of my AP United States History sheet with all the resources I need.

2. Find a way to study that works for you

Something that my parents love to tell me is that I need to study SMARTER, not HARDER. Once you find a way of studying that works for you, don’t waste your time doing something else. I personally find that I remember information the most by rewriting notes, studying in small groups, and watching educational videos like Crash course. I used to spend hours making Quigley sets in hopes that I would use them to study, but I would forget that I had made the sets and never study them! Now I just write them on notecards and study them whenever I have time, which is a lot more helpful.

3. Set breaks for yourself

It is so so so important that you allow yourself times to rest while you are studying. One of the worst things that you can do is try and finish a packet in 3 hours with now breaks, because you will inevitably get distracted and bored. I try and work for an hour and then take a 15 minute break.

Good luck on you final exams!



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Chicago Christmas Adventures

Hi friends! How has your holiday season been going? Mine has been soooo busy already, but super fun and festive. Last weekend I went to Chicago to go to the German Holiday Market, look at all of the Christmas window displays, and do a little shopping.


We took the train into the city which is always good because then you don’t have to worry about traffic.


After we got off the train, we walked to where the Market is, and it was so so cool. There were lots of different vendors selling German pastries, pretzels, and crêpes. Every year the market designs a different collectible mug that you can buy for $7 that comes with hot cider! It is really cute and now I use it to store my paint pens 🙂 Aside from the food, there are a variety of shops that sell everything from gorgeous, delicate ornaments, to handmade scarves. One of the vendors sells hand-carved wooden nativity scenes and everyone was fascinated by them. It was really neat to try some of the traditional German foods and just look around.


I can’t go to Chicago without going to Macy’s-especially at Christmas time! As usual, Macy’s had beautiful window displays and the interior was decorated just as nice.



I’m not even sure how I ended up at the Art Institute, we were going to go to another museum, but somehow ended up here(not that I’m complaining.) The most stunning artwork that I saw on my visit there was this Neapolitan Crèche. It was like the most ornate nativity scene I had ever seen. It has over 200 figures in it, and even though it is owned by the Art Institute, it is so fragile that it can only be on view for a few weeks a year.

That’s all of my post for today, thanks!

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