Spring Updates and Cute Plants

Hi friends! I apologize for the lack of posts recently. Honestly, Midterms have been crazy and studying for them has taken so much time out of my schedule. But I am back and ready to start talking about all things Spring! I typically don’t love Spring, it is usually my least favorite season. But this year, seeing all the cute spring trends and thinking about Spring Break has really gotten me excited! It is the start of a new year: which I am anxious to dive into and experience. I most looking forward to the amazing classes that I signed up for next school year, and traveling to a couple new places! Something that I did a few¬†weeks ago that I have been wanting to try for awhile is get some indoor plants! I went over to Lowe’s and picked out¬†three tiny little succulent and cacti. I love how low maintenance they are and I hope to pick up a few more soon.

Grafted Moon Cactus

This vibrant cactus caught my eye at the store! It came in pink, red and yellow-but I think the pink is most popular, as there were only a couple left, and then recently when I went back to Lowe’s they were totally sold out! I would like to get another one in yellow.

( photo link )

Assorted Succulents

For only $6 I got this cute dish with gravel and three different types of succulents in it. P.S. Since taking this photo, the grafted moon cactus has been repotted into a real pot.

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