Scarves-not just for Winter!

Hi friends! Today I am super excited to share some pictures of a way that I styled a trend that I have been seeing recently on other bloggers. I have seen many bloggers wearing scarves or bandannas, especially with off the shoulder tops. Although this isn’t the first time I have worn this look, it’s absolutely the first time I have worn it without looking like an airline attendant(lol.) I really liked how comfy and chic this whole outfit was, just adding a few bracelets and a watch really elevated the look. Unfortunately, its been raining for 3 days straight here in Indy. Fortunately, that means I can wear my pink Hunters! I honestly love these precious boots, but I hardly ever get to wear them. This extreme weather totally called for boots! I hope you these photos inspire you to try wearing a cute scarf-finally figuring out how to make this trend look good on me reminded to not discount something if it doesn’t work the first time!





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What’s in My Library Bag

Hi friends! I have been wanting to do a blog post on some books that are pretty amazing. Some of these are books that I have read recently, while some are old favorites. Be sure to stick around and skim this post for next read 😉

If you are looking for a Fantasy book…

The cracks in the Kingdom by Jaclyn Moriarty

This book is on my list of top 5 books that I have ever read. I just this week finished the third in the series, which is A tangle of gold, but The cracks in the Kingdom is my favorite. Essentially, it’s a combination between a fantasy world called Cello, and the “real world” that we live in. It’s incredible the detail that Moriarty goes into to describe Cello.

If you are looking for a book involving history(or art)…

Strapless by Deborah Davis

Strapless is a book that made me go from simplify appreciating John Singer Sargent’s art, to searching the website of my nearest art museum to see if they had any of his art. The book is about the infamous Madame X portrait, the women in the painting, Sargent himself, and a few other key characters who happen to be in a few artworks as well. This is a great book to take on vacation, due to it’s short length and light, yet intriguing plot.

If you are looking for a good classic…

Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil by John Berendt

I am so glad that I have come to a point in my education where I find many of the books that we read in school interesting. This book was a choice for a project in school, and after hearing a friend sing it’s praises, I read it. The book takes place in Savannah, Georgia( it will totally make you want to visit there, by the way) and discusses how a conservative culture in the book deals with certain events or facts that they believe to be the truth.



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Disney Recap!

Hi friends! If you have been following me on Instagram, then I’m sure you know that I went to Florida for Spring Break, and we also went to Disney World. Some of my family lives in Florida, so we go quite often(which I am very grateful for), but this time we also went to Disney for a few days. This was super exciting because I hadn’t been to Disney for a few years. This blog post is just going to have a lot of photos and basically a summary of all the places that we went to, but I hope to do some Disney tips and recommendations in a later post, so stay tuned for that 🙂

Day 1: Magic Kingdom

The first day at Disney, we got up super early and took the bus to the parks from our hotel( we stayed at the Caribbean Beach Resort, which was GOREGOUS). We were all super worried because the weather looked pretty cloudy and it even started to rain once the park opened- thankfully, it stopped within a couple hours.


My aunt and younger cousin were with us, so we went on a lot of the rides in Fantasy Land(my favorites were the Peter Pan ride and of course, the teacups!) We also had a lot of fun riding the race track!

We had lunch at the Be Our Guest counter service restaurant, which is equally beautiful and yummy.

I took so many photos of the Dumbo ride because it is probably my favorite one in the Magic Kingdom! Dumbo is one of my favorite characters by far, so it’s fitting that this ride would be my preference.

Also, I may or may have not screamed out of joy when I saw the ADORABLE Tangled village. So cute! I loved that they were playing music from the movie 😉


Shirt(Disney Store, similar)

Jean Shorts(Altard State, similar)

Minnie Ears(very similar link, I got mine on Etsy)

Day 2: Epcot(and Magic Kingdom!)

So when we went to Disney, we thought everything would go EXACTLY as we had planned(this was not the case.) But in reality, it ended up even better in the end, so that’s a lesson for you, right? Our original plan was to go to Magic Kingdom the first day, Epcot the second, and back to Magic Kingdom on the last day. It turned out that 3 of the rides at Epcot were broken( two of which we had Fast Passes for, and one was the Frozen ride!) Because of this, we left a little bit early and headed over to Magic Kingdom, where we ate some adorable Mickey shaped Ice cream bars, and in a picture-perfect moment, watched the firework show from the top of the Dumbo ride(also ya girl went on Splash Mountain for the first time!) Nevertheless, Epcot is my favorite park(which always surprises people), so I had an amazing adventure there.

The first order of business was to race to the Soarin’ ride so we could be first in line. The ride was amazing, but in typical Meredith fashion, I left my Minnie ears in the theater and had to go back to two theaters, which took a solid 30 minutes, but in the end I found them so it all worked out 🙂

Then we attempted to go on a Memo ride but it was broken so we went on the Living with the Land ride, which I remembered from last time, and adored it.

Next, we started to walk through all the countries. I don’t have pictures from all of them, so I will include the ones I do have.



This is the School Bread in Norway! It had read about it on multiple blogs, so I thought I would give it a try! It has a very unique taste, but I liked it.

For dinner at Epcot, we went to a Norwegian restaurant with amazing food- but the best part was seeing Snow White, Belle, Jasmine, Ariel, and Cinderella. I got so excited hahaha.



Oh yeah Italy, loving this cool architecture.

How cute is my mom’s purse? Linked here.


Then we went to the Magic Kingdom, where I had my first ever Mickey ice cream bar( I was so obsessed that I had one the next day lol.) After this, we went on Dumbo, because y’all KNOW how obsessed I am with it, and the fireworks were going off while we were on it! It was super cool(and a little scary). Such a fun day! Even though we didn’t get to go on everything that we wanted, Epcot was still super cool.



Day 3:Animal Kingdom

Our last day didn’t have many photos- we took the monorail to a character breakfast at the Polynesian resort, and headed over to Animal Kingdom. I have been to Animal Kingdom once a pretty long time ago, and my mom and sister have never been. We went on one ride and walked around for about an hour. I really liked the decorations and seeing the animals. Before we left the happiest place on Earth, we hung out at the pool for a few more hours and grabbed LOTS of Mickey-shaped treats to-go.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, hopefully I will have another blog post up about Disney soon!







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