Why When Face Masks are the Best Face Masks for Sale

Disclaimer: These face masks were sent to me by When to review, but all opinions are 100% mine 🙂

Hi friends! Recently, I have been focusing more on skincare, rather than covering up the things I don’t like on my face with makeup. A product that it is super helpful in improving my skin and really relaxing to apply is a face mask! I have always used face masks, but When sheet masks are the best that I have ever used because of the high quality ingredients used(every mask has Ginseng Extract!) and the quality of the mask itself!

There is a When mask for basically every skin type/need and they each have different natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera Leaf Extract and Chamomile Flower Water. My personal favorite mask is he “Travelmate” mask, which rejuvenates your skin from harsh wind or direct sunlight( perfect for summer)! One of my favorite attributes about the When face masks are that they come with a sheet of paper and a sheet of film that sandwich the mask so it doesn’t get tangled and rip. Another quality that I adore about the When face masks are that they are completely soaked in the hydrating liquid, as opposed to some other face masks that I have used that don’t have enough liquid to coat your whole face.

Me after using my favorite face mask!

Check out http://whenmask.com/ for these amazing face masks!

Disclaimer: These face masks were sent to me by When to review, but all opinions are 100% mine 🙂




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Yellow and A Sunny Photo Shoot

Hi friends! Someone recently told me that Summer Break is over half-way over and it honestly feels like it just started. There are just some things that scream Summer: the smell of sunscreen, ice cream that starts melting RIGHT after it’s been scooped, and the color yellow. Any shade of yellow- whether it be a pale, lemonade color, to a florescent highlighter yellow, seems to represent Summer so well. My friends Grace, who takes gorgeous photos, snapped some beautiful pics of me in a yellow top with vintage sunniest, and I absolutely adore the photos. It was the most perfect day to take pictures, with hardly any clouds, a perfect Summer day.

Enjoy 🙂


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New England Trip Photos

Hey guys! I’m so happy to show y’all the photos from my trip to New England this week! I had never been to the East Coast, so it was really exciting to check out the different stores and historical landmarks. If you have been following me on Instagram ( @inthelifeofminnie ), you may have seen some of the photos, but I’m going to share allllll of them on here.

We spend our first day in Boston, the second in Freeport, the third in Bar Harbor, and the last back in Boston( my favorite hahaha).

Day 1: Boston

The historical Paul Revere House was great for us because we wanted to learn something and see antique items without having to spend the whole day in a museum.

Paul Revere House

Alright so these AMAZING  cannolis were found in the North End, Boston’s Italian neighborhood with authentic stores and restaurants. We went to Mike’s Pastry(twice in 4 days… oops), but there were many cute cafĂ©s.

North End PS-The North End was my favorite part of the whole trip and I highly recommend going! This website has enough information for you to plan out your visit to the North End, but it was also exciting to wander around and find little shops on our own!

Mike’s Pastry

I AM Books I don’t have any pictures but we found this really cute Italian-American bookstore across from the Paul Revere House that sells everything from vegan, Italian cookbooks, to Children’s books in Italian. We went here twice on our visit 🙂

First Red Sox game I have ever been to! Unfortunately, it rained a little but they still were able to play a couple innings 🙂

Day 2: Freeport

We went on a tour of the Cape Cod Potato Chip Factory, which was relatively brief compared to other factory tours, but it had free samples so you can’t beat that 🙂

I was sooooo excited to go to the L.L.Bean store( it was three stories and had a coffee bar)!

L.L.Bean store

Day 3: Bar Harbor

Photos from our boat nature tour 🙂

This lemon gingersnap ice cream was HEAVENLY

That’s about all in terms of photos 🙂






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