Fall Outfits in Warm Weather

Hi friends! Is it just me or does it seem like fall has been taking awhile to get here this year? Usually I am excited for fall weeks before most people are and come the first day of fall, I am already wearing oversized cardigans and buying fall-scented candles. But for some reason this year, I have no been able to let go of summer! It just does not at all seem like fall yet to me, and that is probably because of the unusually warm weather in Indiana. Because I still want to wear all of fall clothes, its becoming a little bit of a challenge to figure out how to wear them in the Indy heat 🙂 Mixing rich, jewel tones, such as burgundy and deep green make it much easier to embrace the fall spirit without wearing bulky cardigans. Incorporating details like dainty jewelry keeps layered looks sleek.

Pretty little details( necklace)

Ft. Merida

As you can see, I was ecstatic about getting Starbucks.

Wishing you a perfectly chilly fall and looking forward to blogging more often this fall

Pic credits: Lucy Thomason





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