3 Tips for Disney World

Happy 2018! As the New Year begins, I was looking back on my 2017 memories and thinking about how lucky I was to have traveled as much as I did. In addition to  new places I had never been, such as Boston( read about it here!) , I went to Disney World 3 times! The happiest place on Earth certainly has had many articles written on it, but I thought I would share some tips and tricks that I have learned from visiting this year.

1.Be smart with Fast Passes

If you are someone that has been to Disney before, you are probably well acquainted with the wonders of Fast Passes. Essentially, you sign up for a time slot for a certain attraction and you don’t have to wait in line( thereby “passing” the people in line). So for example, you might have a Fast Pass for the Soarin’ ride at Epcot from 9-9:30. You can start booking Fast Passes 60 days out, and it is a good idea to book them then, as the more popular rides will fill up to the max with Fast Passes. In addition to booking at the right time, make sure you are booking the attractions that you will need a Pass for the most. For example, some rides, despite being popular, don’t take as long to get through a line, and you shouldn’t waste a Fast Pass on that attraction. Pick attractions with the longest wait times.

photo credits to my girl Lucy Thomason

2. Snacking is key

The first time that I went to Disney this year we used the Disney Dining Plan, which we sort of regretted. While it might be really efficient for some families, and it DID allow for us to see many different resorts and parts of parks we wouldn’t have been to. It seemed that our meals took up a lot of time, which we could have been using to explore the parks, not to mention we were left with many snack credits at the end of the trip. So just do your research to see what dining plan is best for you- it can save you valuable time and money. Additionally, check the My Disney Experience app to see when counter services and other types of restaurants open. Fun fact: My friends and I spent about two hours waiting for a quick service in Mexico to open so that we could get churros…we found them though!

3. Don’t forget Disney Springs

I hadn’t been to Disney Springs before this year and my family and I were so surprised about how much it has changed. In addition restaurants, they have a variety of shops-some of which we have here in Indy like Sephora, but others such as Uniqlo and Lilly Pulitzer 🙂 Every night that we were at Disney Springs, someone was performing live music. 101/10 recommend checking out at least once while you are at Disney.




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