All the Plaid

Hi friends! This is my first blog post to y’all since Halloween, and for me, the end of Halloween symbolizes the Christmas season is coming! Yes, yes, we still have Thanksgiving, but how can one not be enticed by the Starbucks Christmas drinks(what are your thoughts on the green Starbucks cups this year? Comment down below!) and the Christmas holiday sales! I for one, am already starting to decorate for Christmas. In fact, today my family and I started taking out our Christmas decorations, as we are very precise in where we place each piece, and usually theme our rooms.

Today(Friday), I didn’t have school and we were running some errands, which included stopping by a vintage Christmas pop-up store! It was in a cute white barn, and the Christmas candles, holiday music, and festive red-and-green vibes really put me in a good mood.






I decided to wear put a extra-festive(lol) spin on my outfit today by wearing two totally different plaid patterns! I used to hate plaid because I have to wear it for my school uniform, but I have come to appreciate how classy it can make an outfit look. By pairing the plaid items with structured neutrals, the plaids in no way overwhelmed the look, but in juxtapose, draws attention to them. I hope that you incorporate plaid pieces into your holiday looks, and maybe even try two at a time. 😉

Sunglasses(similar)//Scarf(similar)// Shirt//Leggings//Shoes(Similar)






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