Fall Outfits in Warm Weather

Hi friends! Is it just me or does it seem like fall has been taking awhile to get here this year? Usually I am excited for fall weeks before most people are and come the first day of fall, I am already wearing oversized cardigans and buying fall-scented candles. But for some reason this year, I have no been able to let go of summer! It just does not at all seem like fall yet to me, and that is probably because of the unusually warm weather in Indiana. Because I still want to wear all of fall clothes, its becoming a little bit of a challenge to figure out how to wear them in the Indy heat 🙂 Mixing rich, jewel tones, such as burgundy and deep green make it much easier to embrace the fall spirit without wearing bulky cardigans. Incorporating details like dainty jewelry keeps layered looks sleek.

Pretty little details( necklace)

Ft. Merida

As you can see, I was ecstatic about getting Starbucks.

Wishing you a perfectly chilly fall and looking forward to blogging more often this fall

Pic credits: Lucy Thomason





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Summer + Sandcloud

Hi friends! Today is my first Summer blog post( it isn’t technically summer, but it feels like it) and I am o’s happy that my favorite season is here. I have already spent a lot of time at the pool, so it felt necessary to blog about one of the outfits that I wore yesterday at the pool with my friend. It was such a lovely day and I look forward to so many more. Of course, I had to use my Sandcloud tapestry at the pool. If y’all weren’t already aware( but I’m sure you are), I am an ambassador to the beachy brand, Sandcloud. They sell tapestries, shirts, and accessories. I love my hand-woven tapestry from them and I use it basically every time I got to the pool or beach( Ps. Check under my brand tab to see my ambassador code :))

I am honestly in love with this suit from SheIn. I ordered from their website fro the first time and I was happy with the products.



Sunglasses( check under my brands tab for a code!)


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Scarves-not just for Winter!

Hi friends! Today I am super excited to share some pictures of a way that I styled a trend that I have been seeing recently on other bloggers. I have seen many bloggers wearing scarves or bandannas, especially with off the shoulder tops. Although this isn’t the first time I have worn this look, it’s absolutely the first time I have worn it without looking like an airline attendant(lol.) I really liked how comfy and chic this whole outfit was, just adding a few bracelets and a watch really elevated the look. Unfortunately, its been raining for 3 days straight here in Indy. Fortunately, that means I can wear my pink Hunters! I honestly love these precious boots, but I hardly ever get to wear them. This extreme weather totally called for boots! I hope you these photos inspire you to try wearing a cute scarf-finally figuring out how to make this trend look good on me reminded to not discount something if it doesn’t work the first time!





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Vests, Plaid, and Arm Candy

Hi friends! Today I am sharing an outfit that has been my go-to for when I have really simple plans and it saves me a lot of time when I am worrying about what I should wear. First off, I have to give a big shootout to one of my favorite blogs to read- Hello Modesty! I originally saw this basic flannel on her website when she wrote a post on multiple different ways to style it. The best part is that this flannel was less than $15 when I purchased it(unfortunately I believe it has sold out, so I will attach some others that are similar at then end of the post.)

I styled this basic top with my favorite vest right now, which y’all have seen on my Instagram and some older posts. I found it in the kids department at Belk over fall break. I also wore my Adidas color switch sneakers(also from the kids department hahaha) to balance the black in the plaid.

My favorite part of this outfit was how I styled my bracelets. Recently, I have started wearing this basic gold watch from Charming Charlie. Some of my teachers do not have clocks in their rooms so it’s great to be able to keep track of time during tests and such. The next set of bracelets that I wore were 3 Alex and Ani gold bangles(ps. Nordstrom Rack has been having a multitude of various Alex and Ani bracelets on sale recently so be sure to check them out if you want to add something new to your daily stack.) Lastly, I wore this cute but random turtle and heart bracelet. You have probably seen them sold with elephant and monkey beads before, but my favorites are the turtle ones so I pick them up whenever I see them.

Plaid flannel(similar)//Vest(similar)//Shoes(similar)//Watch(similar)

Minnie’s Note

My apologies that I could not find direct links to any of the items, I did my best to find products that were very similar. The Plaid flannel and Watch that are linked are almost identical to the ones I am wearing in the photos 🙂



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3 Tips for Layering in Cold Weather

Hi friends! Today I will be sharing with you some ways to stay warm by layering without sacrificing your style. I find that as the winter gets colder and more severe, I tend to just throw on sweatpants and uggs and call it a day. While that perfectly fine for me on some days, I usually work better when I like what I am wearing.

1.Pom-Pom hats

Although these hats have been popular in the past, these cute beanies seemed to have found a definite place in winter trends this year. Not a day goes by where I don’t scroll through my instagram to see some polished blogger wearing one of these knitted hats with a fur pom-pom, holding a Starbucks, and likely holding a Chanel bag. They really elevate your look. Here are some of my favorites.

Forever 21 (pssst! This one is on sale!)


2.Tall boots

A trend that started last year and is only continuing to grow are tall, specifically over-the-knee boots. I think I am a little to short to pull them off, but they can make an outfit look really chic. I have also seen some people wear tall Ugg boots and make them look very cute. Paired with adorable boot socks, these are great to wear in the snow.


Forever 21

3. Puffer Vests

Puffer vests have been an obsession of mine this winter. Somehow I acquired 3 of them… how did that happen? Anyways, they are perfect to pair with a flannel, a sweater, or a long sleeved shirt for the warmer days, and on cold days you can wear a flannel, sweater, thin vest and a jacket which will keep you supper warm. One of my favorites is the J.Crew herringbone vest, which I recently purchased and have had lots of fun styling.

Thanks for reading- Happy Holidays!






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Beach Outfit Inspiration

Hi guys! Today I am going to be showing you some of my favorite outfits that I have seen on Pinterest for the summer. I know that sounds crazy because it is nearly December, but I am going to Florida for Christmas and so I was looking for some outfit inspo. I noticed that most of the outfits I was pinning are ones that have a pretty muted color palette, and if they do have any bright colors, they are usually an accessory- like the shoes or the bag. The outfits usually have basic main pieces that are solid colored, or have a small pattern on them- and are accessorized by dainty jewelry, a big hat, structured shoes, or a colorful bag.

I recently was at one of my favorite stores, Old Navy, and I found a pair of block heel sandals for less than two dollars! Needless to say, I bought them in two colors, and my mom bought a pair as well. I can’t wait to style these gorgeous shoes over Christmas Break.


I love how this blogger wore striped shorts instead of plain black ones to style her outfit.


Oh my goodness. I fell in love with this outfit the minute I saw it. It is so interesting, yet all of the pieces are probably ones you have in your closet.


I cannot wait to recreate this look. The denim jacket makes a basic striped dress look so chic.


This is the perfect outfit for a chilly summer day, that is a lot cuter then jeans and sweatpants. I love how the blogger cuffed her joggers to show off the cute Birkenstocks(on another note, I used to think Birks were super ugly, and now I am obsessed with the chic white ones!)


I don’t love this whole outfit, but I really like the idea of a denim skirt paired with a black tee, a dainty necklace, and statement shoes.


Love how this maxi skirt was styled!


Lastly, my favorite YouTuber, Danielle Marie! I love the spin that she put on this outfit by wearing white denim shorts instead of blue ones.

Hope you all enjoyed these summer outfits, be sure to tell me if you use any for inspiration. Finally, all credits go to the owners of these photos, you can find the original source of these photos on my Pinterest board, summer.




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All the Plaid

Hi friends! This is my first blog post to y’all since Halloween, and for me, the end of Halloween symbolizes the Christmas season is coming! Yes, yes, we still have Thanksgiving, but how can one not be enticed by the Starbucks Christmas drinks(what are your thoughts on the green Starbucks cups this year? Comment down below!) and the Christmas holiday sales! I for one, am already starting to decorate for Christmas. In fact, today my family and I started taking out our Christmas decorations, as we are very precise in where we place each piece, and usually theme our rooms.

Today(Friday), I didn’t have school and we were running some errands, which included stopping by a vintage Christmas pop-up store! It was in a cute white barn, and the Christmas candles, holiday music, and festive red-and-green vibes really put me in a good mood.






I decided to wear put a extra-festive(lol) spin on my outfit today by wearing two totally different plaid patterns! I used to hate plaid because I have to wear it for my school uniform, but I have come to appreciate how classy it can make an outfit look. By pairing the plaid items with structured neutrals, the plaids in no way overwhelmed the look, but in juxtapose, draws attention to them. I hope that you incorporate plaid pieces into your holiday looks, and maybe even try two at a time. 😉

Sunglasses(similar)//Scarf(similar)// Shirt//Leggings//Shoes(Similar)






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Downtown Photoshoot

Hi friends! It has been sooooooo long since I have been able to sit down and write a post, as you probably know, I have been traveling a lot, as well as going through midterms. Right now, my high school swimming season has just started, so that will be another thing that keeps me busy until February. Hopefully I will still be able to post once a week, but as you can see, I have gotten a little behind. I wanted to share with the photos from my downtown photography shoot with one of my friends!  She took pictures of me at a gorgeous fountain in downtown Indy and I love the way that they turned out.

View More: http://glwphotography.pass.us/2016-10-1

View More: http://glwphotography.pass.us/2016-10-1

View More: http://glwphotography.pass.us/2016-10-1

View More: http://glwphotography.pass.us/2016-10-1

View More: http://glwphotography.pass.us/2016-10-1

View More: http://glwphotography.pass.us/2016-10-1

View More: http://glwphotography.pass.us/2016-10-1

View More: http://glwphotography.pass.us/2016-10-1

View More: http://glwphotography.pass.us/2016-10-1

I will be posting lots of these photos on instagram and I will tag the photographer so that you can contact her if you want photos!



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Affordable Dresses for Prom and Hoco

Hi friends!

Today I wanted to do a post on 10 dresses under $150 that you can wear to homecoming or prom. I saw a post like this on Meg’s blog and thought it would be super cool to do one similar to it, but with more affordable options! I will also link a few accessories and shoes that would go perfectly with these dresses that are also inexpensive.

  1. Dry Goods-$66


I love how simple the style of this dress is so that the pattern can really shine! I would pair this with understated accessories and jewelry.

2. Nordstrom-$98


I bet y’all can tell that I really like the simple style that is totally blinged out with glitter.

3. Forever 21-$12.90(!)

Crushed Velvet Swing Dress

This edgy dress is so inexpensive! Velvet is a big trends this fall because it ties into the Victorian trend, which has been seen on almost every runway. For a sweet boho look, pair with suede booties and a flower hair accessory. For a more edgy vibe, wear with heeled booties, gold accessories, and major attitude.

4.Urban Outfitters-$59


This dress is so unique and chic. I am obsessed with the neckline and it would look amazing with a long turquoise necklace.



So if we are being totally candid, I have actually never bought anything from Zara. One of my favorite bloggers can always find something super trendy and cheap there but I most everything that I find isn’t wearable. But when I saw this dress I was forced to reconsider-especially because it has such a nice price tag! This color is radiant and would look great with a leather jacket.


Bonus! Shoes!



These glittery booties seem crazy at first but they would be the perfect piece to wear with a LBD and would make a basic graphic tee and distressed jeans so chic.

2. ASOS-$48


These shiny heels are the perfect not-so-boring basic for your look.

I hope that this post has been helpful!








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