3 Tips for Disney World

Happy 2018! As the New Year begins, I was looking back on my 2017 memories and thinking about how lucky I was to have traveled as much as I did. In addition to  new places I had never been, such as Boston( read about it here!) , I went to Disney World 3 times! The happiest place on Earth certainly has had many articles written on it, but I thought I would share some tips and tricks that I have learned from visiting this year.

1.Be smart with Fast Passes

If you are someone that has been to Disney before, you are probably well acquainted with the wonders of Fast Passes. Essentially, you sign up for a time slot for a certain attraction and you don’t have to wait in line( thereby “passing” the people in line). So for example, you might have a Fast Pass for the Soarin’ ride at Epcot from 9-9:30. You can start booking Fast Passes 60 days out, and it is a good idea to book them then, as the more popular rides will fill up to the max with Fast Passes. In addition to booking at the right time, make sure you are booking the attractions that you will need a Pass for the most. For example, some rides, despite being popular, don’t take as long to get through a line, and you shouldn’t waste a Fast Pass on that attraction. Pick attractions with the longest wait times.

photo credits to my girl Lucy Thomason

2. Snacking is key

The first time that I went to Disney this year we used the Disney Dining Plan, which we sort of regretted. While it might be really efficient for some families, and it DID allow for us to see many different resorts and parts of parks we wouldn’t have been to. It seemed that our meals took up a lot of time, which we could have been using to explore the parks, not to mention we were left with many snack credits at the end of the trip. So just do your research to see what dining plan is best for you- it can save you valuable time and money. Additionally, check the My Disney Experience app to see when counter services and other types of restaurants open. Fun fact: My friends and I spent about two hours waiting for a quick service in Mexico to open so that we could get churros…we found them though!

3. Don’t forget Disney Springs

I hadn’t been to Disney Springs before this year and my family and I were so surprised about how much it has changed. In addition restaurants, they have a variety of shops-some of which we have here in Indy like Sephora, but others such as Uniqlo and Lilly Pulitzer 🙂 Every night that we were at Disney Springs, someone was performing live music. 101/10 recommend checking out at least once while you are at Disney.




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New England Trip Photos

Hey guys! I’m so happy to show y’all the photos from my trip to New England this week! I had never been to the East Coast, so it was really exciting to check out the different stores and historical landmarks. If you have been following me on Instagram ( @inthelifeofminnie ), you may have seen some of the photos, but I’m going to share allllll of them on here.

We spend our first day in Boston, the second in Freeport, the third in Bar Harbor, and the last back in Boston( my favorite hahaha).

Day 1: Boston

The historical Paul Revere House was great for us because we wanted to learn something and see antique items without having to spend the whole day in a museum.

Paul Revere House

Alright so these AMAZING  cannolis were found in the North End, Boston’s Italian neighborhood with authentic stores and restaurants. We went to Mike’s Pastry(twice in 4 days… oops), but there were many cute cafés.

North End PS-The North End was my favorite part of the whole trip and I highly recommend going! This website has enough information for you to plan out your visit to the North End, but it was also exciting to wander around and find little shops on our own!

Mike’s Pastry

I AM Books I don’t have any pictures but we found this really cute Italian-American bookstore across from the Paul Revere House that sells everything from vegan, Italian cookbooks, to Children’s books in Italian. We went here twice on our visit 🙂

First Red Sox game I have ever been to! Unfortunately, it rained a little but they still were able to play a couple innings 🙂

Day 2: Freeport

We went on a tour of the Cape Cod Potato Chip Factory, which was relatively brief compared to other factory tours, but it had free samples so you can’t beat that 🙂

I was sooooo excited to go to the L.L.Bean store( it was three stories and had a coffee bar)!

L.L.Bean store

Day 3: Bar Harbor

Photos from our boat nature tour 🙂

This lemon gingersnap ice cream was HEAVENLY

That’s about all in terms of photos 🙂






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Chicago and ARTIC Mini trip

Hi friends! It’s been awhile since my last post, but I have a lot of exciting posts coming up soon for the blog, so be sure to check back on this website and my Instagram to make sure that you never miss any fun news! If you have already been following my Instagram, you probably saw that I went to Chicago a couple weekends ago. The main reason that I went was so that I could see Whistler’s Mother while it was still visiting Chicago(and maybe stop at Magnolia Bakery because it’s my obsession lol).

I tried to look like Blair Waldorf…

Fun fact: I always sit at the same table at Magnolia’s… it has a perfect view of the street and is great for people watching.

Right when I think that I have gotten accustomed to the beauty of Chicago… so beautiful <3

A few photos of some works that I hadn’t seen before and really caught my eye(you can find more info on all these at the artic.edu or contact me for specific details). I had a lot of fun on this trip to ARTIC and ventured out into some parts of the museum that I usually don’t visit. Although I wasn’t a huge fan of the modern or contemporary wings, I really enjoyed the Islamic art section and looking at the beautiful textiles!

Me and my bestie, the South Lion.





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Disney Recap!

Hi friends! If you have been following me on Instagram, then I’m sure you know that I went to Florida for Spring Break, and we also went to Disney World. Some of my family lives in Florida, so we go quite often(which I am very grateful for), but this time we also went to Disney for a few days. This was super exciting because I hadn’t been to Disney for a few years. This blog post is just going to have a lot of photos and basically a summary of all the places that we went to, but I hope to do some Disney tips and recommendations in a later post, so stay tuned for that 🙂

Day 1: Magic Kingdom

The first day at Disney, we got up super early and took the bus to the parks from our hotel( we stayed at the Caribbean Beach Resort, which was GOREGOUS). We were all super worried because the weather looked pretty cloudy and it even started to rain once the park opened- thankfully, it stopped within a couple hours.


My aunt and younger cousin were with us, so we went on a lot of the rides in Fantasy Land(my favorites were the Peter Pan ride and of course, the teacups!) We also had a lot of fun riding the race track!

We had lunch at the Be Our Guest counter service restaurant, which is equally beautiful and yummy.

I took so many photos of the Dumbo ride because it is probably my favorite one in the Magic Kingdom! Dumbo is one of my favorite characters by far, so it’s fitting that this ride would be my preference.

Also, I may or may have not screamed out of joy when I saw the ADORABLE Tangled village. So cute! I loved that they were playing music from the movie 😉


Shirt(Disney Store, similar)

Jean Shorts(Altard State, similar)

Minnie Ears(very similar link, I got mine on Etsy)

Day 2: Epcot(and Magic Kingdom!)

So when we went to Disney, we thought everything would go EXACTLY as we had planned(this was not the case.) But in reality, it ended up even better in the end, so that’s a lesson for you, right? Our original plan was to go to Magic Kingdom the first day, Epcot the second, and back to Magic Kingdom on the last day. It turned out that 3 of the rides at Epcot were broken( two of which we had Fast Passes for, and one was the Frozen ride!) Because of this, we left a little bit early and headed over to Magic Kingdom, where we ate some adorable Mickey shaped Ice cream bars, and in a picture-perfect moment, watched the firework show from the top of the Dumbo ride(also ya girl went on Splash Mountain for the first time!) Nevertheless, Epcot is my favorite park(which always surprises people), so I had an amazing adventure there.

The first order of business was to race to the Soarin’ ride so we could be first in line. The ride was amazing, but in typical Meredith fashion, I left my Minnie ears in the theater and had to go back to two theaters, which took a solid 30 minutes, but in the end I found them so it all worked out 🙂

Then we attempted to go on a Memo ride but it was broken so we went on the Living with the Land ride, which I remembered from last time, and adored it.

Next, we started to walk through all the countries. I don’t have pictures from all of them, so I will include the ones I do have.



This is the School Bread in Norway! It had read about it on multiple blogs, so I thought I would give it a try! It has a very unique taste, but I liked it.

For dinner at Epcot, we went to a Norwegian restaurant with amazing food- but the best part was seeing Snow White, Belle, Jasmine, Ariel, and Cinderella. I got so excited hahaha.



Oh yeah Italy, loving this cool architecture.

How cute is my mom’s purse? Linked here.


Then we went to the Magic Kingdom, where I had my first ever Mickey ice cream bar( I was so obsessed that I had one the next day lol.) After this, we went on Dumbo, because y’all KNOW how obsessed I am with it, and the fireworks were going off while we were on it! It was super cool(and a little scary). Such a fun day! Even though we didn’t get to go on everything that we wanted, Epcot was still super cool.



Day 3:Animal Kingdom

Our last day didn’t have many photos- we took the monorail to a character breakfast at the Polynesian resort, and headed over to Animal Kingdom. I have been to Animal Kingdom once a pretty long time ago, and my mom and sister have never been. We went on one ride and walked around for about an hour. I really liked the decorations and seeing the animals. Before we left the happiest place on Earth, we hung out at the pool for a few more hours and grabbed LOTS of Mickey-shaped treats to-go.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, hopefully I will have another blog post up about Disney soon!







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Chicago Christmas Adventures

Hi friends! How has your holiday season been going? Mine has been soooo busy already, but super fun and festive. Last weekend I went to Chicago to go to the German Holiday Market, look at all of the Christmas window displays, and do a little shopping.


We took the train into the city which is always good because then you don’t have to worry about traffic.


After we got off the train, we walked to where the Market is, and it was so so cool. There were lots of different vendors selling German pastries, pretzels, and crêpes. Every year the market designs a different collectible mug that you can buy for $7 that comes with hot cider! It is really cute and now I use it to store my paint pens 🙂 Aside from the food, there are a variety of shops that sell everything from gorgeous, delicate ornaments, to handmade scarves. One of the vendors sells hand-carved wooden nativity scenes and everyone was fascinated by them. It was really neat to try some of the traditional German foods and just look around.


I can’t go to Chicago without going to Macy’s-especially at Christmas time! As usual, Macy’s had beautiful window displays and the interior was decorated just as nice.



I’m not even sure how I ended up at the Art Institute, we were going to go to another museum, but somehow ended up here(not that I’m complaining.) The most stunning artwork that I saw on my visit there was this Neapolitan Crèche. It was like the most ornate nativity scene I had ever seen. It has over 200 figures in it, and even though it is owned by the Art Institute, it is so fragile that it can only be on view for a few weeks a year.

That’s all of my post for today, thanks!

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Colorado Recap

Hi friends! As y’all know, I have been in Colorado for the last two days, but now it’s time for me to go home to Indy. It has been such an amazing and beautiful trip, but I miss my friends(and let’s be real… my dog) so I am excited to go home. I hopefully can come back to Denver in the future to visit family and see more places!

Celestial Seasonings

This was one of my favorite parts of our trips. If you are a tea fanatic like me(or have ever been to a grocery store…), I’m sure you have heard of Celestial Seasonings, the company that makes Celestial Tea. They are well known for their Sleepythyme tea, as well as their mint tea. They serve 1.6 billion cups of tea a year! How crazy is that? Celestial Seasonings produces all their tea in one factory in Boulder,CO and they offer free factory tours. I was so impressed by the factory tour, it was way more educational and interactive then other factory tours. You can sample ANY of the teas that are currently in stores, and we even got to try some of the holiday teas that aren’t yet in stores(pssst! Try the gingerbread!) I wish I could show you pictures of the tour, but there was a strict “no pictures” policy. One of my favorite parts of the tour is the Mint Room. It’s a room in the factory where they store all of the mint and some rosemary tea. Anyways, I highly recommend the tour, as it is super interesting and totally free.






I tried 3 different teas: Fireside Vanilla Spice, Gingerbread, and the Wild Berry Zinger.


After the tea tour, we went to Boulder, which is where the University of Colorado is. The town was so cute and the buildings were gorgeous. I can’t even imagine going to college somewhere that pretty. It was actually homecoming for them this weekend, so they had a variety of events going on.






I went to the CUTEST coffee shop EVER in Boulder. It’s called Boxcar Coffee Roaster and it was amazing. I had this amazing vanilla latte. The vibe is super upbeat and friendly, I would highly recommend visiting if you are in the area.

Union Station

The next morning, we went to Union Station, which is this beautiful train station that has been running since 1881! This weekend was the second to last weekend that they had an outdoor farmers market. I love going to farmers markets in the Spring and Fall, it’s so nice to get fresh fruit, flowers, or goods from local shops. Inside of Union Station is this little coffee shop that my Aunt said was really yummy-and she was right. If you want to check it out click here.





The Wedding 🙂

On Saturday night, we had the event that we came to Colorado for-the wedding! The wedding took place at this Brewery which I thought was super cool. It was at night and we got to see the sunset outside where the ceremony was, which was perfect. We had amazing weather too, which made things even better. One of the most unique things about the wedding was that we got to get food from this Hawaiian food truck that was parked outside. The food was really amazing and the cake had three really unique and delicious flavors.






Isn’t this a cute idea?

Thanks for reading about my weekend adventure to Colorado, I hope you enjoyed it!







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What I’m bringing on my carry on:Colorado

Hi friends. Tonight I am getting ready for my trip to Colorado! I leave tomorrow super early in the morning, that way we will have all day there. I will be there all day Friday, Saturday, and then we leave super early on Sunday morning! Really short trip, but it is for a family wedding and we have a lot of fun things that I can’t wait to show you guys. Make sure that you are following me on Instagram so that you can view my story and everything from my fun adventures! For now I am going to show you everything that I am bringing on my carry on.


The bag that I am using for my trip is this black leather tote bag. I absolutely love how big it is and high-quality the leather is( it was damaged merchandise and I found it at the Gap outlet marked down to $17.99!) I brought this blacker scarf with me because I can use it as a blanket during the flight and I’m sure I will wear it in Colorado, as it starts to get colder there.


I packed 2 books for my trip, this one I just started. I also brought some study guides to work on for school. I have only recently started my midterms, and I’m not yet on fall break til next week. If you read my last post on 5 ways to relieve stress, you would know that I have semi-recently started knitting. This is a really small project, it’s a scarf for my sister’s American Girl doll(shhhh, don’t tell her!) The little case in the corner is a little pouch to put your ear buds in so that they don’t get tangled.

The Book that Proves Time Travel Happens

Ear Bud Pouch( I cannot find the case anymore, but this is the same design and idea)


This is a page from a coloring book that I started with pictures from New York. I take it anywhere when I need something to do and I don’t want to carry around a book.


I put everything that could potentially be bad if they broke and spilled(like the pen ink or lotion) into his bag. I can’t find this bag online but Vera Bradley has ones that are very similar in size and come in a variety of colors and patterns. I have a pen, pencil, highlighter(it’s shaped like a nail polish bottle!), and mini post-it notes for the homework I need to do. I feel like airplanes are a little germy so I always have a tiny bottle of hand-sanitizer. My hands and lips get really dry during flights so I have a small jar of Vaseline and a bottle of lotion. The weather is looking both warm and cool in Colorado so I decided to bring a pair of sunglasses just in case it was sunny. They are my favorite sunnies because they add a chic vibe to any outfit. You can get 20% off your entire order if you use my code Minnie20!


I brought my water bottle in case I have the sudden urge to drink water, which I highly doubt because I basically live off of coffee. LOL. But really, so true.

Water bottle(similar linked)


I bring this little notebook from Rifle Paper Co. Basically everywhere I go. I have lists in it, so it’s especially important when I am on trips. This sounds crazy, but my absolute favorite tea ever is this tea from Yogi and I ALWAYS have a bag of it with me. I have some in my school bag, purse, and when I travel. I highly recommend trying it. It is caffeinated and it’s supposed to “elevate your mood.”


I hope y’all enjoyed my post what I am bringing on my carry on. See you soon with posts from my adventure.





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Chicago Travel Journal

Hi friends! As y’all may have seen on my instagram, I went to Chicago this weekend! It was exciting to go just over the weekend and it put me in a really good mood for the rest of my week. I was inspired by Meg’s blog post on her vacation to Chicago 🙂 We spent all day in Chicago on Sunday, which was really nice!

The main reason that we went to Chicago was so that I could go to the Art Institute of Chicago(read about ARTIC and my favorite places in Chicago in my post here!) There was an exhibit on American Art that closed that day, so I was super lucky to see it on the last day that it was there! Obviously, this meant that it was even more crowded then usual, but I got there right when it opened and beat most of the crowds. Another reason that I went to the Art Institute was to see the Jacques-Louis David painting on Napoleon, which is on view until October!

When I was at the Art Institute, I went to the coolest little café on the second floor of the Modern Wing and it was GOREGOUS. I have been to the Art Institute probably more than 10 times in my life and this was the third time I had been in the Modern Wing, so I never truly appreciate how pretty it is. I didn’t go inside many galleries in the Modern Wing, but the architecture is so light and the incorporation of glass is really beautiful. Anyways, the location of the café is so great because it is on a balcony that looks out onto the first floor.


I took some notes the art that I saw in this cute Rifle Paper Co. notebook. Side Note: How cute is this travel journal? I want to get it so I can write about my little adventure to Colorado next month!

After my magical experience at the Art Institute, we started walking towards Water Tower Place. On our way we passed Dylan’s Candy Bar! Unfortunately, no candy for us… but there was a puppy adoption event going on. We obviously couldn’t get one, as my puppy would be heartbroken… but they were so adorable! Look at this beagle puppy named Lauren!


After fawning over puppies for about 10 minutes, we kept walking and got to Water Tower. We ate lunch at the most AMAZING place. Foodlife carries different foods from over 30 different local restaurants.


After some shopping, we headed home! Our trip was really short but I am so glad we went and can’t wait to go back!


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My favorite things to do in Chicago

Hi everyone! Today I am going to be talking about my favorite things to do in Chicago. I am a huge fan of Chicago and I try to go as often as possible. I am going at the beginning of September and I am so excited! I thought I would share some of my favorite places to go, eat, shop, stay and take pictures at! Because there are so many places that I would like to mention in this article, I think I will do a part two of this after I get back from Chicago in September.

1.The Art Institute of Chicago

ARTIC is by far my favorite art museum that I have been to. The second largest art museum in the country, it was opened in 1879 when the city of Chicago was rebuilt after the Chicago fire. Did you know the first collection that ARTIC owned was a collection of porcelain cats? A great thing about ARTIC is that t on the back of the map, they have some paintings that you can see if you are only at the museum for an hour! This is really great because it allows you to see some of the most famous paintings in history in only an hour!

Minnie’s Tip: Check out the cool lions in front of the building! The North and South Lions were gifts to the museum when it first opened! I have a little tradition of taking a picture in front of the South Lion every time that I visit(no hate on the North Lion, though.)


Here’s me by the South Lion- all dressed up for the Holiday season! I have been the Art Institute 3 times since is visit, which was last Christmas, but I like this picture the best.


2. Magnolia’s Bakery

Loved by Carrie Bradshaw(and me), this tiny, adorable cupcake shop not only makes delicious vanilla cupcakes and mochas, but it is a fantastic place for instagram pictures. I know it sounds vain, but I’m probably not going to go get breakfast there if it doesn’t match my feed. Fortunately, the tables at Magnolia’s are white marble(a classic, but beautiful choice) which will flatter nearly every instagram feed. One of my favorite things about Magnolia’s is that they have a cupcake of the day! Obviously, you can try any of their classic cupcakes, but this is a fun twist. You can view the cupcake of the day menu here.

Minnie’s Tip: I highly recommend the table next to the door-it is right next to the window and it is excellent for people watching.


A mocha, vanilla cupcake, and my favorite sunglasses( which I left somewhere in California this last week… very sad.)

3. Macy’s

The Chicago Macy’s has a special place in my heart. So many floors of pure happiness, shoes, accessories, clothes, holiday items, Waterford crystal( so pretty), bedding, and-of course, restaurants. Almost every time that I visit Chicago I go to the Walnut Room. It is the restaurant on the 7th floor of Macy’s and it has been open since 1907! Famous for the chicken pot pie, the Walnut room is an excellent choice for lunch or dinner! The absolute BEST time to go is during Christmas for so many reasons. You will have the best service then, the decorations are incredible, and you will get to see the Christmas Fairy who brings around little treats!


As you can see, the Macy’s on State Street is huge!


This is a picture in the Walnut room from Christmas! Every half hour the projection of the ceiling would change graphics and colors!


4. The Marriott Renaissance

This hotel us one of my favorites. I have been to a few hotels in Chicago but this is by far my favorite. It has been re-done quite recently, so there are not too many pictures of the beautiful lobby. I can say that the interior is now very modern and edgy. It is quite different from the classy, flower filled lobby-but I still like it. My favorite part of the hotel is the pool. You may know that I am a competitive swimmer, so I am definitely one to applaud a good pool. The pool at the Renaissance is on the top level and has a glass ceiling above it-so that when you are into the pool, you can look up and see some of the sky scrapers. It is really quite beautiful.

5. Corner Bakery

The Corner Bakery is the perfect place to stop for a snack when you are just getting into the city, shopping, or looking for a healthy breakfast option. I love to stop in when I am shopping at the newly-renovated Nordstrom! Anything that you can get here is amazing and the chopped salad is one of my favorite salads( somehow all three of my favorite salads are from restaurants in Chicago…)

I hope you enjoyed reading this article, I had lots of fun writing about my favorite places and I can’t wait to do a part 2!




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Leaving California

Hi guys! I am currently sitting at the airport preparing for my flight with some summer school work and tea. Sadly, I am leaving California tonight on a very late flight back to Indy. Wednesday morning, we switched from our airport hotel to one with beach access to the Santa Monica beach. I am not a huge fan of the beach on the West Coast- I didn’t see a single seashell! Anyways, the Santa Monica pier was very busy all the time, but it was still very cool to see all of the little shops. On our last night, we went on the Santa Monica Ferris Wheel! The Pacific Wheel was the world’s first solar powered Ferris wheel and has provided over 3 million rides!


This is not a great picture, but the view was stunning. We went on the Ferris wheel right after we went to Malibu for dinner and the sun was just starting to set. And of course, no trip to California could be complete without a visit to In ‘n Out! We went this afternoon for lunch and it was delicious( I think I am still partial to the Varsity in Atlanta.)

I may have developed a slight addiction to Joan’s on Third- I have been 3 times in the last 24 hours! I would highly recommend the iced vanilla latte.

Joan’s on Third in Santa Monica, California!

The shopping in Santa Monica is unparalleled. I went shopping on the 3rd street promenade 4 times in 2 days! My personal favorites were the Brandy Melville and the Lush. I was infatuated with the Brandy Melville store-as I had never been to one, and I thought it was much larger than I though it would be. I was also really happy that a lot of the Brandy merchandise said California on it, because I found that many of the souvenir shops were overpriced.The entire store is covered from floor to ceiling in stickers and vintage patches. The Lush was very small but had great customer service.


That’s it for now!



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